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Nazinur Rahim

Executive Editor

An entrepreneur and businessman, Nazinur Rahim is the Managing Director of Nirikkha Software Ltd. one of the leading IT & Software Company in Bangladesh. He is Managing Director of Furex Solution Ltd. a company engaged in transforming the ICT sector in Bangladesh. He is the director of Who’s Who Bangladesh Chapter, an organization listing prominent people in the country.

Nazinur Rahim is the founder Director of the Ireland Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IBCCI) to promote, protect and strengthen bilateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and Ireland, and with them and the European Community. It seeks to maintain close ties with traders both in Ireland and Bangladesh.

Nazinur was awarded the FOBC Special Award in 2010 in London. For his innovative contributions in various business sectors he was given the DCFB award from the Development Council for Bangladeshis at the UK House of Commons in 2011. In 2014 Nazinur received the prestigious Who’s Who award for his contribution and achievement, and in 2015 he won the British Bangladesh Business Achievement Award for his innovation and achievement success in business. 

He is also the Executive Editor of Diplomats, the only diplomatic magazine in Bangladesh, whose aim is to help develop bilateral relationships between Bangladesh and other countries. He continues to be involved with communication and social activities.