Sheikh Hasina’s Pursuit of Peace: Prioritizing Humanity and Justice on the World Stage

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emerged as a strong advocate for global peace, calling upon world leaders to put an end to ongoing wars and embrace dialogue to resolve conflicts. Her vision for peace is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and Bangladesh’s historical context, driving her unwavering commitment to fostering global harmony.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has shown unwavering determination and commitment to promoting world peace and stopping ongoing wars. Her efforts are deeply rooted in her personal experiences of war and suffering, which have shaped her profound belief in dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution. Whether addressing the Ukraine-Russia conflict, advocating for peace in the Middle East, or calling for global collaboration, PM Sheikh Hasina’s actions reflect her inner philosophy of prioritizing humanity and justice above all else. Her leadership is a beacon of hope in a world often marred by conflict and violence.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina honoured with Tagore Peace Prize 2018

Sheikh Hasina’s vision for peace is shaped by her own harrowing experiences during Bangladesh’s War of Liberation in 1971. Having witnessed the devastating effects of war firsthand, including personal losses and suffering, she is a fervent proponent of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution. This perspective is encapsulated in Bangladesh’s foreign policy of “friendship to all and malice towards none.”

During her recent engagements on the international stage, PM Sheikh Hasina has consistently called for an end to wars and conflicts. Her appeals are not limited to the Ukraine-Russia conflict but extend to the crises in Palestine, Israel, and other war-torn regions. She believes that war brings nothing but destruction and suffering, particularly for innocent civilians, women, and children.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s message to global leaders is clear: stop the wars. During her participation in the Munich Security Conference in Germany, she met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. While Zelensky invited Bangladesh to support the Ukrainian Peace Formula and participate in the Global Peace Summit, PM Sheikh Hasina emphasized the need for all parties to find ways to end wars.

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina always says we are against all kinds of war. Today, she also discussed how the war can be stopped,” said Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud. Her call for peace resonated during her address at the United Nations Social and Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNSCAP) conference in Bangkok, where she urged global leaders to bring an end to the wars in Ukraine, Palestine, and Iran.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addresses the 80th Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) at the ESCAP hall in United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand

“I call upon the world leaders to stop the war between Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Iran-Palestine. I know the horrors of a war. Bangladesh does not want any war. Any problem can be solved through discussion,” she asserted. Her heartfelt plea underscores the profound suffering endured by civilians, especially women and children, in conflict zones.

PM Sheikh Hasina’s vision extends beyond merely calling for peace; she advocates for a collaborative approach among world leaders to address and mitigate ongoing crises. Her discussions with President Zelensky included exploring ways to prevent Russia’s attempts to undermine peaceful navigation in the Black Sea and the establishment of alternative grain corridors. This indicates her proactive stance in seeking practical solutions to complex geopolitical issues.

Despite her meeting with Zelensky, PM Sheikh Hasina reassured that Bangladesh’s relationship with Russia would not be affected. “Our relationship with Russia is very warm. Russia stood beside us during the Liberation War and played a pivotal role in rebuilding Bangladesh after the war,” she recalled. This diplomatic balance highlights her commitment to maintaining good relations with all nations while advocating for peace.

UNESCO director general Irina Bokova presents a memento titled, ‘Peace Tree’, to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in recognition of her outstanding contribution to girls’ and women education

In addition to her efforts regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict, PM Sheikh Hasina has been vocal about the need for peace in the Middle East. She condemned the recent attack on a hospital in Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of innocent people, including children. Her heartfelt appeal to global leaders to stop the war and arms race emphasizes her belief that war brings nothing but destruction.

“Spending time as a refugee, without knowing when we could return to our country, was the most painful. So, we don’t want war; rather, we want peace,” she said during a program marking Sheikh Russel Day. Her words reflect a deep empathy for those suffering in conflict zones, informed by her own experiences of displacement and loss during Bangladesh’s Liberation War.

PM Sheikh Hasina also urged the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries to work together to establish peace in Gaza. During a meeting with Qatar’s Ambassador to Bangladesh, Seraya Ali Mahdi Saeed Al-Qahtani, she emphasized the need for united efforts to address the crisis in Gaza. This call for unity among Islamic nations showcases her commitment to regional stability and humanitarian concerns.

Beyond her peace initiatives, PM Sheikh Hasina is a strong advocate for leveraging digital innovation to achieve sustainable development. During her address at the 80th session of the UNESCAP in Bangkok, she emphasized the transformative potential of digital innovation in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her vision for a “Smart Bangladesh” includes promoting technological advancements and fostering economic growth through digital solutions.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the forcibly displaced Rohingyas from Myanmar

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently responded to a letter from US President Joe Biden, urging him to leverage his influence to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The letter was handed over to Eileen Laubacher, special assistant to the president and senior director for South Asia at the US National Security Council, by Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud.

In her letter, PM Sheikh Hasina emphasized Bangladesh’s steadfast commitment to peace and reiterated the dire need for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis. She highlighted the profound suffering of innocent civilians, particularly women and children, caught in the conflict.

During discussions with the US delegation led by Laubacher, the foreign minister also touched upon several other critical issues, including economic cooperation, trade, climate change, and the Rohingya humanitarian response. Additionally, PM Sheikh Hasina sought the extradition of Bangabandhu’s self-confessed killer, Rashed Chowdhury, and the lifting of US sanctions on the Rapid Action Battalion.

President Biden had previously expressed his willingness to work closely with Bangladesh on shared goals, including regional and global security, economic development, and climate change. PM Hasina’s call for action in Gaza underscores her commitment to global peace and the humanitarian values shared by both nations.

Hugging and loving with a heart full of mercy, Sheikh Hasina stands as a beacon of hope, prioritizing humanity and justice on the world stage

In all her international engagements and domestic initiatives, PM Sheikh Hasina consistently advocates for peace and prosperity. Her call for an end to wars, her emphasis on dialogue, and her efforts to promote digital innovation for sustainable development all reflect a comprehensive vision for a better world. Her leadership is driven by a profound understanding of the human cost of war and a steadfast belief in the power of collaboration and innovation to create lasting peace.

PM Sheikh Hasina’s relentless pursuit of peace demonstrates her deep-seated belief that war only brings destruction and that true progress is achieved through dialogue and cooperation. Her calls to global leaders to end conflicts, her proactive engagement in international diplomacy, and her advocacy for humanitarian issues highlight her commitment to a just and peaceful world. By keeping humanity and justice at the forefront of her efforts, PM Sheikh Hasina embodies the ideals of compassion and leadership, striving to create a better future for all. Her vision and dedication continue to inspire and pave the way for a more peaceful and harmonious global community.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s peace resolution is a clarion call to the global community to prioritize dialogue over conflict and to work together to resolve ongoing crises. Her personal experiences and Bangladesh’s history of struggle and resilience inform her unwavering commitment to peace. As she continues to advocate for an end to wars and promote collaborative approaches to crisis mitigation, her vision for a peaceful and prosperous world remains a guiding light for leaders and nations worldwide.

Written by-

Prof. Dr. Abu Nasir Rizvi
Dean BSMMU & Advisor, Diplomats World Publication


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