Dystopian Propaganda

Since October 7th, 2023 and long before that, Israeli propaganda has been working day and night to divert attention and mislead millions of people and push them to believe the Israeli narrative that acquits Israel of its horrific crimes against our Palestinian people.

Israel always tries to portray itself as a liberal and democratic haven through Western media and their political systems. The prevailing Western bias in favor of Israel is completely unjustified, as it portrays Israel as a victim despite its mass killings, destruction, and acts of barbarism directed towards Palestinian children, women, and innocent civilians.

A small child victim to the Israeli bombardment

The views of the biased media and the statements of Western leaders, along with their supporters, are increasingly viewed as an unproductive fallacy in the face of growing support for the Palestinian cause. In light of the exponential increase in expressions of solidarity for the Palestinians in the form of rallies and marches within the heart of these regimes, there has been a shift toward acknowledging the reality of the situation. The West did not realize that the freedom of the media and the press would be incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinian people.

These regimes, with their media tools that only repeat the saying “Israel has the right to defend itself,” could not escape the scrutiny of the Israeli government’s actions.

All Western leaders expressed their harmony and solidarity with the Israeli position and with the Zionists of the world, without the slightest mention of the Palestinian victims, the massacres they are subjected to, and their right to recover their occupied land.

A woman carrying a child through the rubble caused by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

These positions, actions and behaviors are based on the Israeli narrative, which is a narrative based on lies. But the Israeli narrative would hardly be allowed to exist if someone did not give it credibility and legitimacy, someone like the false witness Israel uses. Yes, US President Joe Biden and the US administration have become a tool for Netanyahu. Biden lied and said that he had seen pictures of Hamas beheading Israeli children – a statement the White House had to withdraw, acknowledging that there was no evidence of such an act. The question is, how can Biden lie so blatantly?

President Joe Biden’s statement regarding the bombing of the Baptist Hospital in Gaza by an errant Palestinian missile is completely absurd and ridiculous. When he told Netanyahu during his visit to Israel on October 18, “I was sad and angry about the explosion in the Baptist Hospital, and it seems that the other side is behind it, not you.” An Israeli army spokesman said in statements to CNN that the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” group was responsible for the “failed missile launch” that hit the hospital. The US State Department says that it does not want to conduct an international investigation into the Gaza hospital massacre because it believes Israel’s lie that Hamas was the one who did it!

Palestinians walk through a ravaged street following Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, on October 10, 2023

And in denial of the Israeli allegations and the falsity of the media materials fabricated by the occupation to justify its aggression against the Gaza Strip, the newspaper “Haaretz” published excerpts from preliminary investigations by the occupation police revealing that a military helicopter belonging to the occupation army opened fire on a number of participants in the ceremony that was organized near the Kibbutz Re’im settlement on the day of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” on 7th October. The newspaper indicated that an Israeli military helicopter arrived at the site and opened fire on the Israelis, killing  several participants in the festival.

Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza turned into a global topic of concern after the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Shifa complex and wreaked havoc throughout it. Israel did not obtain a single piece of evidence to prove its claims regarding the presence of Palestinian resistance military activity inside the compound. Rather, its story was described by many as ridiculous and farcical. The Israeli narrative regarding the Al-Shifa Complex is a scandal and a miserable failure of the occupation at the intelligence level.

Gaza completely destroyed by Israeli airstrikes

The British newspaper Middle East Monitor said that Israel has lost its credibility as a result of its many allegations and accusations that are not supported by evidence, in contrast to the superior credibility of the Palestinian resistance factions that provide evidence for its stories. The newspaper stated that Israel’s allegations come within the framework of an attempt to demonize the Palestinian resistance as a means of justifying the genocide carried out by Israel in the Gaza Strip, but the Palestinians’ documentation of Israel’s crimes in Gaza has made Israel lose its international credibility.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces targeted many hospitals protected under international and humanitarian laws during the current war on Gaza.

Public opinion has shifted rapidly and drastically in the West in regards to the crimes committed by the Zionist occupation in Gaza; a shift that has caused Western governments significant hassle. Evidently, due to the mounting public pressure, British Home Secretary Suella Braverman was ousted from office for trying to prevent pro-Palestinian demonstrations from happening. Despite the British Prime Minister’s pro-Israeli position, his hand was forced due to the overwhelming pro-Palestinian public opinion.

For years it is clear that the policy of “disinformation” has been a powerful tool in Western countries, stifling public discourse and political discourse. And now the mask has finally fallen. While the European Union supports Israeli terrorism and puts pressure on social media to suppress Palestinian voices, paid Israeli propaganda appears everywhere freely.

Hundreds of thousands protest in London for a Free Palestine

The double standards in today’s world are blatant. A few days ago, in an interview with Al Jazeera, Mr. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign and security policy official, asked him: Do you consider what Israel is doing in the Gaza Strip to be war crimes? Borrell responded by saying, “I am not a lawyer, and this is within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.” The broadcaster asks Borrell again: Do you in the European Union consider what Hamas did on October 7 to be war crimes? Burrell responded immediately and without hesitation: Yes.

After October 7, the world must tell the truth, align with the awareness of those who see the truth in the West and beyond, and stop the policy of silencing those who speak the truth. The crux of the matter is that all these atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians are now proven by video recordings of children dying and hospitals undergoing bombardment, and these videos will continue to haunt the perpetrators and those behind them.

The blood of the martyrs will triumph over the greatest Western media machines. Only the blood of the martyrs will triumph.

Written by-
H.E. Yousef SY Ramadan
Embassy of the State of Palestine

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